Morris Esformes

Morris Esformes is passionate about a number of charitable organizations and believes the following to make a difference within numerous communities. He contributes to these organizations by raising social awareness. As a person who is passionate about ocean cleanliness, the environment and education and learning, Morris Esformes has chosen to highlight the following non-profits as organizations to watch.

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The Ocean Cleanup Project

One project Morris is invested in is The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, an issue that dominates headlines in today’s world. Morris’ first time raising money for The Ocean Cleanup was done for his birthday last year via the Morris Esformes Facebook page. However, while society continues to make advancements in eliminating plastic usage, we’re still contributing billions of discarded plastics a year that eventually make their way into the ocean, impacting both climate and oceanic life in the process.

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Morris Esformes Recommends South Florida National Parks Trust

The South Florida National Parks Trust was founded in 2002 to create a better future and environment in South Florida. The Trust, which focuses on Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park and Big Cypress National Reserve, seeks to educate Floridians on the national resources these parks protect. Through its projects the Trust works to promote, preserve and enhance South Florida’s national parks in a way that enriches the overall experience and park stewardship. The Trust relies on the support of individuals, businesses and corporations to accomplish its mission.

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Green Mobility Network

The Green Mobility Network advocates for safer and greener places to bicycle, run or walk. The nonprofit is a network of bicycling and running groups that represent thousands of Miami residents and advocate to both local and county government members to achieve safe streets that serve the greater community. The Green Mobility Networks seeks a community that supports a full range of transportation, and works to teach cyclists, pedestrians and motorists of shared safety and mutual cooperation leading to an array of community benefits.

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Teach for America

Teach for America (TFA) looks for promising leaders that are ready to take on educational inequality. TFA was founded on a belief that every child deserves an excellent education and it’s using young leaders to pave the way. Through a lengthy recruitment process, TFA selects diverse leaders that look to advance childhood classroom experiences. With a supported program, TFA has continued to grow since its inception in 1990.

Morris Esformes recommends Teach for America

City Year

City Year is an educational non-profit that works in underserved communities to help students and schools succeed. The non-profit is dedicated to addressing shared civic values through unified action and to bolster social justice for all, empathy, inclusivity, teamwork and excellence.

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About Morris Esformes

After graduating from RASG Hebrew Academy in Miami, Morris Esformes moved to Philadelphia, to attend the Wharton School of Business to study finance and entrepreneurship at the University of Pennsylvania. During his time at UPenn, he was able to experience a wide variety of career paths through various internship experiences. His first internship experience, which took place over the summer of 2017, was with Greystone Real Estate, while this past summer he was able to work with The Raine Group, a TMT merchant bank. Now, Morris Esformes has created a personal blog where he discusses a wide array of subjects. Esformes has since been published on Thrive Global and Medium, as well as WRCBtv.